Watch The Miami International Film Festival 2014 at Regal South Beach

Miami International Film Festival 2014The Miami International Film Festival (MIFF) has been opening its doors to enlighten us with truly artistic expression on the silver screen since 1984.  The internationally renowned festival has introduced us to promising filmmakers, and is a nice change of pace to the hundreds of commercial movies advertised to us more often than we’d like.  Famed Hollywood actors come out in droves to experience this truly special event. Everybody from Viggo Mortensen to Kate Hudson has walked the MIFF’s red carpets.

This year’s MIFF kicked off on March 7th and will host daily viewings at multiple venues until March 16th. Luckily for us, many of the viewings are in walking distance from Chic Place at Lincoln! The Regal South Beach, located at 1100 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, is arguably the best place to be to experience the most of the this year’s Miami International Film Festival. MIFF films will be shown every day of the 10 day event at 4 of the cinema’s 18 theaters. To see the full schedule of all the viewings at the Regal South Beach visit the Miami International Film Festival’s official website.

For a truly special event, visit the Miami Beach Cinematheque on Washington Avenue in Miami Beach. Renovated by the Miami Beach Films Society, this cinema hall is South Beach’s premier viewing destination. Many of MIFF’s special events such as the master classes, panels, and industry programs will be hosted at the Miami Beach Cinematheque.

If you find yourself outside of Miami Beach, there are a number of great venues to enjoy the Film Festival such as the Olympia Theater at Gusman Center for the Performing Arts, the Paragon Grove in Coconut Grove, the Coral Gables Art Cinema, and the O Cinema in Wynwood.

The Immigrant, MIFF Miami Beach

Marion Cotillard, actress in “The Immigrant”, A Must-See at this year’s Miami International Film Festival

With over 100 films being shown during the 10 days of the festival, it’s difficult to narrow it down but thankfully Miami NewTimes contributor Hans Morgenstern has provided us with some guidance. In his well-written blog “Five Must-See Films at the Miami International Film Festival This Weekend” he challenges his readers to catch all 5 of these films:

  1. The Congress
  2. The Immigrant
  3. The Sacrament
  4. Locations: Looking for Rusty James
  5. Young and Beautiful

If you can’t catch them all and want to narrow it down even further the Miami NewTimes article has trailers posted for each and a short description.

There are a variety of festival packages and tickets for everyone from die-hard movie buffs to first timers. To purchase tickets for the event visit the Miami International Film Festival’s website and if you would like to be in walking distance to the viewings, check room availability Chic Place at Lincoln.

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