Miami Beach Convention Center District Project

Miami Beach’s hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants, shops, and local businesses could see a boost from the proposed Miami Beach Convention Center District project.

Miami Beach Convention Center

The $1.1 billion project would renovate the aging Miami Beach Convention Center.

Competition to Build the Miami Beach Convention Center District

After winning a tightly contested and competitive series in 7 games, Lebron James and the Miami Heat brought another championship parade to Miami on Monday.  For those of you who are already missing the joy of watching two titans compete at their finest, there is a battle of heavyweights happening right now in Miami Beach. These “teams” are not competing for a trophy or even a parade in their honor, but instead for a $1.1 billion contract to renovate and redevelop the Miami Beach Convention Center. The winner, who will be chosen on July 17, will be charged with renovating the Miami Beach Convention Center and building a new hotel along with shops, restaurants, gardens, and rental housing. The two companies going head to head are South Beach ACE and Portman CMC. South Beach ACE will work with famed Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, while Portman CMC is working with Danish architect Bjarke Ingels. Click on each company’s links above to see their vision of the new Miami Beach Convention Center District and let us know which one you like better.


This project span 52 acres right in the middle of Miami Beach. As with all major projects in Miami (think Dolphin Stadium renovation effort and Marlins new stadium), not everyone is a fan of the upcoming project. The Fountainebleau hotel and others launched a petition drive earlier this month and collected over 7,000 signatures in an effort to block the deal, according to the Miami Herald. However, the project’s momentum may be too much for a petition to overcome and it will come down to voters to approve the deal. However, thanks to a public rally to save the historic Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater after the Miami Beach Planning Board recommended that the theater be demolished to make room for the project, both groups have decided to keep and restore the Gleason.

Miami Beach Hospitality

Regardless of which developer wins the ambitious $1.1 billion contract, a revamped Miami Beach Convention Center and the convention center district should provide Miami Beach with a much needed boost to the local economy. Although no project is without its flaws and not everyone will be happy, there is no doubt that the new convention center district will help attract visitors to a city that lives off the people who come to see our beautiful beaches, unrivaled entertainment, and enviable weather year in and year out. This is welcome news for the Miami Beach short term hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and shops.

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