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The Art of Frequent Business Travel

The Art of Frequent Business Travel

Being a frequent business traveler is a balancing act filled with incredible rewards but unique challenge. Sometimes you can’t wait to get out there to tackle the latest and greatest opportunity and other times the journey itself challenges every inch of patience you have. Delayed flights, car rental reservations lost in the system, no WIFI in the public WIFI zone, and the universal frustration of your smartphone letting you know that you only have 5% battery life left. But at the end of day, the job is done, you’ve got some new stories to tell, and let’s face it, it beats sitting at the same desk around the same people for 40 hours a week.

Frequent travelers are in a class of their own. They’ve mastered the art of getting from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible all while getting work done along the way. It’s an incredible skill when you stop to think about it and the only way to acquire it is in the trenches. They scoff at the novice traveler trying to figure out where to go for his connecting flight, “get out of my way you over packed rookie!” It brings to mind a New York City native pushing their way right through lost tourists trying to make sense of it all.

Traveling is a system best suited for the well-traveled and the prepared. Like any system, many of its moving parts are dependent on each other. One chink in the armor and boom, potential disaster! Have you ever thought the types of skills you have developed? Time management is the first skill that comes to mind. How do you make the most out of every minute and turn challenges into opportunities? Flight delayed? No time to fret, time to get the iPad out and shoot off those emails you were planning to send while you were waiting to depart. Now that’s done, which pushes up the proposal you were planning to review when you landed to takeoff. Before you know it that seemingly annoying delay has bought you more time and in the end you can watch the football game in the hotel tonight because you crossed every item off your to-do list with time to spare. Nice!

So, how do you do it? How do you keep it all together in the face of all the little things that could go wrong? If you have some golden frequent travels tips please do share!

Find the Best Place to Stay in Miami Beach

Chic Place at Lincoln Short Term Apartment in Miami Beach - Blue Living Room

South Beach is full of excitement, shopping, sexy beaches, crazy nightlife, interesting people watching, unique culinary creations, and just about the best vacation spot one could ask for.  Even those who are here on business find some time for fun while in this city.  So while you are here, you might as well find a place to stay that is cozy enough to call home and have all the amenities you need while being close enough to everywhere you want to visit.  What makes a hotel, vacation rental, or short term apartment the best place to stay?

We feel Chic Place at Lincoln is a perfect example of exactly what both vacationers and business travelers are looking for, and that’s why we think Chic Place at Lincoln is one of the best places to stay in South Beach.  Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

Location, Location, Location

Steps away from the famous Lincoln Road Mall, Chic Place at Lincoln is in a perfect location for its guests.  Lincoln Road has all the best shopping, restaurants, cafes, and of course people watching.  The Miami Beach Convention Center, which holds numerous events for both business and pleasure is just down the street less than a mile away.  Also within the same distance, are other places of interest for those appreciating the artistic and cultural side Miami has to offer: The Holocaust Memorial of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Maurice Gibb Memorial Park, New World Symphony at the New World Center, and The Fillmore at the Jackie Gleason Theater.  Just as though you are in your own neighborhood, you will easily find your favorite places to grab a bite, book stores and coffee houses such as Books & Books, and even the nearby Movie Theater… all this within walking distance.

If you are wanting to explore other parts of Miami, the location of Chic Place at Lincoln is perfectly placed to get to the mainland of Miami.  It is half of a mile from the Venetian Causeway, or just under 2 miles to either i375 or i195, which will take you to some other great neighborhoods in Miami such as the up-and-coming Wynwood, Downtown, Coconut Grove, or Coral Gables.

If you want to stick to Miami Beach, there is plenty more to do in all directions, as Chic Place is centrally located.  Of course you will want to take a trip to the beach!  It’s just under a mile to reach that hot Miami sand.  Take a stroll over there in just 15-20 minutes.

Home Away From Home

It’s nice to feel like you are at home even when you are traveling in a different city.  One thing that can help you feel that way is having everything you are used to at your fingertips.  Chic Place at Lincoln has a full kitchen, washer and dryer, and even a terrace to relax or entertain.  It isn’t just a hotel room… Chic Place is a full apartment so you feel like you are right at home.  Choose from studio apartments or for larger parties, you can stay in a two bedroom.

The private entrance with a secure gate is right next to the short term apartment building’s own parking lot so you can come and go at you please easily.  Chic Place also makes sure their guest have bottled water and snacks available to them, because you never know when you might have some late-night cravings.  And your place may even look a little better than home with the daily maid service.

Fun Extras

Hammocks at Chic Place Apartment Hotel at Lincoln on Miami Beach

Chic Place at Lincoln is all about being trendy, relaxing, and artsy.  Some of the cool extras each of the rooms has is a built-in television in the ceiling above the beds!  Where is the other TV?  You may have mistaken it for the mirror, which transforms to your entertainment screen with a click.  Each room also has an ipod dock to play music.  The walls are decorated with fantastic art that you can even purchase.  And if you want more space, you can fold your bed into the wall.  This is the perfect combination for South Beach living.

You can also rent bicycles during your stay to check out your surroundings.  Or if you’d prefer to stick around the apartments, there are hammocks and an area for lounging outside or even throwing your own little get together.  Host a perfect party in your own backyard when you Chic Place at Lincoln.

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