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Miami Beach Survival Guide

Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach

About Miami Beach

Located at the southern-most tip of Florida, Miami Beach is like a scintillating, multifaceted diamond encrusted upon the toe of an elegant gilded sandal. A once sleepy, swath of mangroves, Spanish Moss and Tequesta Indian swampland, Miami has blossomed into a modern, pulsating city with an invigorating and heart-palpitating signature rhythm. Youthful, energetic, exhilarating, Miami/South Beach is the reflection of the many people and influences who have succumbed to her charms and remained steadfast in her beguiling web. And Miami Beach proudly wears the face of her multicultural unique heritage with the variety of regional museums, local art galleries and multitudes of cafés al aire libre. But with all Miami’s five-star restaurants, popular shopping malls and outdoor activities, where do you start?

  1. Beaches:

    A visit to the coastal beaches and the pounding Atlantic surf is a must on your Miami/South Beach vacation. With miles of uninterrupted beachfront, all you will need is a bathing suit and a gallon of sunblock to keep the tropical sunrays at bay. Of course, you may want to bring a little coverup especially when some of the area’s bronzed and beautiful people start showing up. While vacationing in the South Beach area, meander along Ocean Drive and 5th Street, and follow the sand until you can dip those sun-starved toes into the ocean. Just think of it as a little beach therapy.

  2. Shopping:

    Lincoln Mall is shopping nirvana. Retail stores of every name, genus and description abound. Whether you are seeking the more touristy route of t-shirts, towels and postcards or are looking for trendier fashions, Lincoln Mall will not disappoint. With blocks of open air restaurants and pedestrian-friendly walkways, you might even be tempted to try a flavored hookah or two.

  3. Mojito made with rum, lime, sugar, mint, club soda, served in a tall glass.Mojitos: 

    Okay, maybe they’re not on the top of everyone’s list, but if ever you were to indulge in this refreshing minty libation, South Beach would provide the ideal incarnation. With a flirty pinch of bitter citrus, a kiss of simple syrup and a punch of rum, all you need is a balmy breeze and a comfortable lounge chair to fully appreciate.

At the end of the day, Miami is the culmination of her folksy southern charm, ethnic cultures and beachside enclaves. She permeates a breath of signature local dishes enjoyed throughout the balmy equatorial breezes and plumes of acrid cigar smoke. Visiting this tropical paradise is more than a primer in history; it is a vacation for all the senses. Bring the whole family, and experience what Miami has to offer.

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