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Sunday Brunch In South Beach… Macchialina Now Serving Your Taste Buds

Who doesn’t love Sunday Brunch in South Beach?  It makes a great meal… maybe the best one you’ve eaten all week, promotes relaxation mixed with good company and even better conversation, and of course it gives a good reason to sip on some tasty beverages as the ones from last night are still wear off.

New to Sunday Brunch in South Beach

Sunday Brunch in South Beach has a new player on the block, and it is one not to be missed.  Macchialina Taverna Rustica has been open just over a year, but is already a favorite eating spot to many, critics included… and here, you eat like a local.  As Chic Place At Lincoln, a nearby short-term apartment rental, already knows, it’s great to feel like a local, even if you are just visiting.  They have boasted about Macchialina in their SEE, PLAY, EAT section of their website.

Macchialina Brunch Menu - Photo Macchialina Facebook

Macchialina Brunch Menu – Photo Macchialina Facebook

Macchialina is a fresh take on a rustic Italian restaurant and gives a New York feel.  Their delicious dinner menu has a wide range of antipasti and pasta along with other snacks, sliced meats, and entrees.  Some fan-favorite plates including creamy polenta with sausage ragu and cipollini onions; or Mediterranean octopus.

But let’s move on to what we are really hear to talk about… BRUNCH!  Their official debut of this fantastic meal will be this Sunday, September 22, 2013, after finally succumbing to peer pressure and giving the customers what they want.  Talented chef and part owner, Michael Pirolo, who is responsible for this top-notch food menu was actually the one trying to hold off serving brunch… well because he loves going out to eat brunch himself.  But now he’s finally agreed to cook up some magic for the rest of us brunch-lovers.

Macchialina will be open on Sunday from noon to 4pm, in typical Miami fashion of “who eats before noon on a Sunday?”  A la carte options will be available, but the chef menu will rotate weekly to keep fresh options to future regulars.  For $35 per guest you will be able to sample six sure-to-be-scrumptious dishes split between 3 courses.

Sunday Brunch in South Beach

Macchialina Steak & Eggs – Photo Macchialina Facebook

Items on the brunch menu range from pastries and small bites to lavish meals.  Maybe the simplest thing on the menu, a scone and muffin basket with jam and mascarpone butter, sounds quite delicious, but wait until you hear the rest of the offerings.  To name a few: a breakfast pizza with  pancetta, potatoes, fontina and sunny side up eggs; steak & eggs with an Italian chili relleno and beef jus; Maine lobster roll with celery, tarragon and mayonnaise; and sweet Italian toast made with Panettone, maple pecan butter and crispy prosciutto.  Okay, still looking for a few more options?  Try the whipped ricotta with grilled figs, honey and country bread; or polenta and eggs with crispy prosciutto and arugula.

Don’t forget the drinks!  Peach Bellinis, Mimosas, or a Sicilian Kiss will be sure to do.

My mouth is watering… is it Sunday yet?

NYC Embraces 305 Fitness Club

What’s hot, sexy, and even NYC want’s to imitate?  Miami!

Miami is famous for its heart-pounding music blaring in neon-lit clubs open through the early morning hours.  Vacationers and locals line up to enter the hot-spots along South Beach to mingle, have fun, and DANCE.  If you have ever found yourself on the dance floor, I’m sure you have noticed that you can work up quite a sweat out there and have fun doing it too.

305 Fitness, Miami Beach dancing, Miami Beach club, Lincoln Road Miami Beach, Chic Place at Lincoln

305 Fitness is Born

It took one young Miami party girl who used her smarts from Brown University to turn fitness classes into a Miami-disguised dance fete.   Sadie Kurzban, the founder of 305 Fitness, started giving classes in New York City in October of 2012 after winning an Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition.   Being from Miami herself, she wanted to take some of the sexy vibe of Miami to NYC, hence using “305” to describe her unique fitness club’s name.  Now less than a year later, 305 Fitness is all the craze.  New York is loving the Miami beats and atmosphere that radiate throughout the teacher-led madness, and people want more.

And you will probably ask what are these classes like?  The response from the company itself, “Look, we can’t really explain it.”  It’s one of those, you have to be here to experience, kind of classes.  But to give you a better idea, it’s a bit like Zumba on energy drinks in the middle of a night club.  You get that excitement you feel jumping around to electric dance music in the wee hours of the morning except its daylight out and you are sober, but feeling the rush of endorphins.  The choreographed moves have a great balance of working legs, arms, core, and providing a sweaty dose of cardio.  Don’t worry though, they just feel like dancing around to your favorite beats.  The high-energy instructors, music, and dance moves leave everyone with a smile on their face, a lot of sweat on their clothes, and sore muscles the next day to leave you feeling awesome for a workout that just seemed like fun.

Now Miami is catching on to this new fitness style as well.  We cannot let NYC be the only place to take advantage of Miami style! Club-goers can now workout the way they like.  Vixen Workout is the brainchild of former Miami Heat dancer Janet Jones. Her 60 minute workouts are based on the latest night club dance moves, and ladies… the class is done in heels. Why? According to Vixen Workout, it intensifies your workout by 40 percent!

LazerFitness, a very similar fitness program, is opening up in Miami with their launch party at Grand Central on September 17, 2013.  Regular classes will begin in October, 2013.  The bar will even be open, but don’t expect alcohol in your cups; instead cool down with smoothies and protein shakes and even munch on some healthy recovery food.

Move over Zumba and CrossFit; you need to make some room for your new fitness neighbor.  I’m sure we will be seeing more of this new craze, because who doesn’t like to have fun while burning calories!

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